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British Meditation Society, is one of the longest established non-profit making meditation organisations in the UK. It's primary objective is for the Teaching of meditation, with a supporting philosophy and network of teachers across the UK.

Meditation practices have become increasingly popular in the West, but so has much of the myth, religion & superstition that often accompany it.

The truth is that it is extremely simple and it is only complicated by the mind!


Meditation is not just the mother of all relaxation techniques, it is much more. To some it is the oldest & original spiritual path, to others it simply breaks that cycle of daily grind and gives them their lives back. With a deeper understanding of themselves and others the stage is set for wonderment and change.

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. Life, Love and Laughter was the motto of BMS founder Guru Raj Ananda, one of the greatest Yogis of modern times. Nowadays he lives on through the meditational practices and philosophical teachings that he imparted to us before his passing in 1988.

Meditation itself is not about concentration, effort, or endurance. It is effortless, refreshing and renewing. It is opening oneself to the infinite possibilities that a person can achieve or just simply being. As simple as it might sound, but just being or truly being ourselves seems to be one of the most elusive things. Too often, we seem to have lost ourselves in what we think, say or do. Somehow the innocence has gone and along with it — the playfulness and enjoyment of life. Well, it is still there! Maybe forgotten, maybe buried under years of emotional/psychological conditioning, but it is still there. Little by little, slowly, slowly, ‘catch the monkey’ - that’s how meditation works.

Many experience dramatic life changes and wonderful personal experiences, initially, but the true rewards lie in regular practice and adopting it as a way of life.

There are many ways, many paths, many detours and cul de sacs, but there are no short cuts. The most direct route is to cut straight to the heart with a personalised programme of meditation techniques with a personal mantra, that embodies the true SELF, the true YOU.

If you’re prepared to help yourself, then we will match that, you only need ask. There is a network of teachers and healers throughout the UK and sister organizations around the world, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the individual and their connectedness with themselves and the whole.

What's to come?

  • More info about BMS, who & what we are about & where we've been.
  • Current & previous 'Namaste' BMS Newsletters for reading online & a downloadable, printable version. Including the ever popular joke section & all the Love, Life & Laughter we have to share.
  • Selected Satsangs by Guru Raj Ananda, covering a wide variety of subjects from the deeply spiritual & philosophical to the hysterical.
  • An audio tape catalogue of all Guru Raj's satsangs, that can be ordered from BMS
  • And maybe we get a Discussion Forum up & running

So there's plenty more to come, so call back soon - Andrew & team.


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