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Guru Raj Ananda Yogi
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Gugu Raj Ananda Yogi

Gururaj Ananda Yogi is a spiritual master, originally born in India in 1932 and died on May 17, 1988 in South Africa. His spiritual master was Swami Pavitrananda.

Raised and educated in India until he moved to South Africa where he became a successful business man.

He married and had three children who live with his widow in Cape Town. From 1975 he devoted himself to spiritual teaching such until his death. During those years he traveled through Europe and America tirelessly giving his teachings through his life and talks. Lecturer, musician, poet, painter, family man click to read more. A spiritual teacher who tirelessly repeated his message: Thou art God, realize that, is the kingdom of heaven within you, open your heart and love flows. The old and the simple message of Love and Devotion.

He founded several meditation societies around the globe i.e. American, British, Canadian, Irish, South Afrian, Spanish, Danish, etc. As such we are left with his legacy to continue in his work to pass on these teachings and meditaion techniques.


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