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The Meditation Process

Learning to meditate, teach meditation & become a healer with BMS

BMS is primarily a support network for meditators, teachers & healers that have acquired these skills through BMS. Some go on to practice as 'healers', some teachers & some do both or neither.

The usual process goes something like this;

After attending an Introductory Talk to furnish the potential meditator with an overview of what meditation & BMS is about, and having asked any initial questions that may arise, the next step would be;

To learn & complete the Preparatory Meditation course, which includes learning four simple techniques that balance each other. A universal mantra technique (in that everyone starts with the same one), a visualisation technique (to focus & ground the individual), a pranyama (breath) technique and a shakti technique (shakti roughly means 'grace'), which enhances awareness.

After regular practice - twice a day for 20-30 mins, for a couple of months, assuming one is usually 'ready', then you would receive your personalised techniques. It's impossible to say exactly what these would be, as they are individual to that person. Usually it includes a personalised mantra and the other techniques often remain the same and you may receive a technique to work on a specific area of the body or specific chakra (energy centre).

A year or so on, then you can put yourself forward to become a teacher to teach the preparatory course. It is also helpful along the way to attend any local or national 'get-togethers' (satsangs). These come in various forms from a local evening satsang, one day or weekend event or a national 3-5 day event.

The teacher training process involves supporting a local teacher if there is one, with their teaching classes or the teaching of individuals. The actual teacher training itself is done by our teacher trainer & would involve 2 or 3 intensive weekends. Then getting out there & dipping your toe in the water, and getting on with it supported by the BMS network of teachers, of course.

Becoming a healer, if that's of interest, then after a year of establishing yourself as a teacher and if you've shown an interest in healing, then another teacher or a healer may put you forward to become a healer. The preparatory healer training is usually done on one of the residential retreats that we usually refer to as 'courses'.

Further options are;

  • There are two advanced meditation techniques, called mandalas click this link now. These are to accelerate your spiritual growth or unfoldment. If you progress onto the second, then this would replace the first.
  • Training to become a Full teacher, that teaches the full personal techniques.
  • Becoming an advanced healer, by learning the advanced healing techniques.

Much ado & money

This may all seem like an awful lot to do, but it is actually more about regular practice & the supporting philosophy (the teachings, that were imparted to us by our founding guru, before his passing in 1988), that go with the techniques.

There is no ongoing dangling of an elusive carrot, with endless promises, that you may acquire the carrot if you learn the next stage or technique.

As far as outlay in monetary costs go. The initial outlay for doing the preparatory course is the largest, which is currently around £150 in the UK. This course is usual taught over about 7 sessions, in as many weeks, but there is some variation between teachers.

When someone receives their personal techniques, then they are asked to make an annual or bi-annual donation. A guide amount of something like £15 or £20 is suggested. Essentially this allows BMS to stay afloat, contributes to the running of courses and goes toward a tri-annual newsletter.

The teachers teach on a voluntary basis, but can opt to have a small expense amount returned to them if they choose.

We do not teach for free, as we find this devalues the teachings & techniques and neither do we ask for a percentage of income.

Obviously, some residential courses attended may cost more, but this is purely because the large part of the cost is actually for bed & board. A small portion of the overall cost goes to BMS, which does not make a profit on these and in fact does not make a profit at all.

Namaste - Andrew


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